Best practices for deploying DRM in a large-scale OTT stack

  • Apple FairPlay Streaming (FPS) — FairPlay content can be played primarily on Apple devices, including Safari, iOS, and Apple TV platforms.
  • Google Widevine — This DRM solution spans all Chrome and Firefox web browsers as well as Android and Chromecast devices.
  • Microsoft PlayReady — Content protected by this DRM solution can be played on Roku, Xbox, Microsoft Edge browsers, and a range of other platforms and smart TVs via SDKs.
  • Ensuring consistency in user experiences across all devices with the delay-free acquisition of keys from DRM servers
  • Staying on top of ever-changing client devices and associated SDKs along with operating system variations
  • Complying with Enhanced Content Protection (ECP) parameters defined by MovieLabs, and others, for premium and UHD content
  • Monitoring and adhering to complex licensing and protection agreements, such as time shifting, catch-up viewing, cloud-based DVR usage, and offline playback



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