Don’t let your web security solution affect performance. Discover how to ensure speed, security, and resiliency.

The dilemma: Cybersecurity vs. speed

How does a company defend its applications against attacks? Not too long ago, the standard solution relied on security appliances installed on-premise within a customer’s data center. The idea was to put as many layers of security as possible in front of the critical applications, so malicious traffic would have to pass through multiple filters before reaching it.

Cyber attacks: Interception at the edge

A web security solution/appliance that lives close to core infrastructures have another major downside: They can potentially be a single point of failure or bottleneck. If an appliance gets overwhelmed with attack loads, it could slow down or timeout, effectively causing an outage to the website or application behind it, frustrating users and losing revenue for companies. Most appliances only have a capacity of up to about one-tenth of a terabit per second, yet it’s not uncommon for DDoS attacks to be ten times that size. These days, security measures that are limited to a company’s data center can be easily overwhelmed.

Cloud-based security: When bigger is better

But what makes one cloud-based web security solution better than another?

Cyber defense: You make the rules

While there are some agreed-upon best practices for defending against an attack, the reality is that every website and application is different — and nobody knows their website better than its developers. That’s why Verizon Digital Media Services isn’t only concerned about being the most responsive CDN with the largest capacity. What sets us apart is that we allow our customers to manage all of their security rulesets quickly and efficiently using our API.



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