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  • efu


    Internet Infrastructure, Server, Virtualisation, Cloud. Also in Fabbing, 3D-Printing and Future Industries.

  • Omri Yacubovich

    Omri Yacubovich

    Entrepreneur, writer and innovation leader. Enthusiast about the human mind and how do people make decisions.

  • viresh a s

    viresh a s


  • Anna-Katharina Reykowski

    Anna-Katharina Reykowski

  • Hoopla


    Hoopla is the #1 Sales Motivation Platform that uses modern game and competition theory to increase engagement and sales team performance.

  • Scott Huguenin

    Scott Huguenin

    I'm a patriot, a blessed father and husband, a techie, a musician at heart, a golfer and a growing fan of tennis. Life is good!

  • Emil Indricau

    Emil Indricau

    Digital #Marketing & #Ecommerce Consultant @DigitalStrada #WebsiteDevelopment, #Ecommerce, #SocialMedia, #LiveStreaming and #Matterport #3D #VirtualTours

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