How our CI/CD workflow provides a model for other CDNs

Testing rigor to ensure quality and reliability

To any software engineering organization, CI/CD offers numerous advantages. It reduces time-to-market by getting measurable changes to customers quickly while also minimizing risk, since fewer changes are pushed out at once. This results in more agility and greater stability and, ultimately, happier users and customers. However, not all CI/CD workflows are created equal, and CDNs looking to implement these practices should build out their processes with care.

A better internet through CI/CD

VDMS’s Edgecast CDN controls around 10 percent of the world’s internet traffic. Just as an outage at Amazon Web Services (AWS) would take hundreds of internet services like Slack and Twilio offline, any outage in one of VDMS’ core systems would impact a large number of customers. We adopted a rigorous CI/CD practice in part because we take our responsibility for the internet very seriously.



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Formerly Verizon Media Platform, Edgecast enables companies to deliver high performance, secure digital experiences at scale worldwide.