Reduce alert noise with Managed Cloud Security

Your SIEM, your security team and alert fatigue.

Enterprises are generating more cloud-based transactions than ever — by some estimates, they could average over 2 billion a month. Security information and event management (SIEM) tools like HP ArcSight and log collection and correlation tools like Splunk are helping security teams distill this data into meaningful patterns and alarms. However, getting a SIEM to deliver intelligent and actionable data is a lengthy and ongoing process that requires trained staff with knowledge in information security, data enrichment, applying use cases for detection purposes, prioritizing content by relevance and context creation.

Application threat monitoring means more log data

Security teams are now feeding data to their SIEMs from their content delivery network providers, web application firewalls, and other security detection tools to improve visibility into application threats. Providers like Verizon Digital Media Services help facilitate this by delivering real-time log streams. However, developing new threat signatures to correlate among various security incidents, and detecting potential web application attacks like SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS), often compounds the security resource gap, as it requires even more specialized skills to process the use cases and create a context for accurately alerting for this type of data. With each new web application framework vulnerability and each new API, your application attack surface grows, giving attackers a better chance to penetrate your web application. Nobody wants to be the next Equifax, but the reality is the increasing difficulty of managing the SIEM to produce actionable alerts for application vulnerabilities is stretching DevOps teams and diluting their effectiveness.

Reducing alert noise so you can see and mitigate real threats

To meet the needs of our customers around the world, Verizon Digital Media Services has combined the power of our global network, skilled frontline service team and application security specializations with the breadth and scale of Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ Global Security Services. Verizon Enterprise Solutions is a Gartner-recognized leader in the Managed Security Service Magic Quadrant. Adding these robust capabilities to our platform is an exciting development that will help our customers rapidly expand their application security visibility and responsiveness while reducing the noise and alert fatigue caused by multiple, poorly configured tools and services. It’s a natural alignment and integration that enables Verizon Digital Media Services to continue innovating our application security platform while providing customers the service assurance of one of the most experienced and respected security operations organizations in the world.

  • Global workforce: Verizon’s global network of security operations centers have eyes on glass 24 x 7. They provide a proactive response to security threats, further extending application alerting to any customer and operations team, no matter their location or what their business hours.
  • Alert intelligence: The alerting system integrates Verizon Digital Media Services’ WAF with Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ proprietary security analytics technology so that WAF alerts can be correlated with other security events to enhance the response team’s ability to correlate disjointed events and understand the bigger picture of security threats in real time.
  • Reduced alert fatigue: Our 24 x 7 response team proactively reviews these alerts and when appropriate, forwards relevant alerts and provides recommendations, when appropriate, so customer SecOps teams can focus on taking action on priority one events.

The threat detection X factor: People

Keeping ahead of today’s security threats requires more than just a tool with 24 x 7 alerting. Stretched SecOps teams need ongoing consulting to help them:

  • Integrate their security runbook with vendor tools.
  • Implement stronger tool usage.
  • Prepare and run a war room if needed.



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