The biggest misconception about content delivery networks

Allowing customers more freedom on a complex platform

Imagine having thousands upon thousands of active customers and over 30 independent development teams deploying new features, optimizations, or making configuration changes that all interact in some way on the network. That’s how things are at Verizon Digital Media Services, and as you might suspect, ensuring people and technology work seamlessly together, is tricky.

Defending customers in our network from DDoS attacks

Although we’re empowering users to get more visibility and have more control, there’s still a lot they don’t know about what happens behind the curtain. One example is our sophisticated DDoS detection and alerting system that shows when and where DDoS attacks are happening and their attack profile. The biggest reasons we don’t bring this up often is because we don’t want to give attackers insight into the impact they might have on the system, where their attacks are landing, and how much capacity they might be absorbing.



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