The future of media: Monetization

A new programmatic paradigm

The OTT world is filled with so much user data, that it is possible to create a personalized experience for every viewer on every device. The question is how quickly agencies, broadcasters and other players in the ecosystem will embrace this opportunity.

Marketing via mobile

Broadcasters can’t afford to ignore mobile video. Millennials and Gen Z are watching an enormous amount of premium content on mobile devices. Even if the family is gathered together in the living room, not everyone is watching the TV — they’re looking at their tablets and mobile phones as well. A company that doesn’t optimize its content and its advertising for this experience is missing out.

The future of advertising

Of course, that “managed correctly” is key. Programmatic advertising is experiencing some growing pains — for example, companies that put their ads on a programmatic exchange don’t know what content they’ll be lined up against, and whether that content will be in line with their branding. Let’s say you’re selling candy, you don’t want your ads placed near content about the health risks associated with sugar consumption. However, the promise of programmatic is enormous. While it’s not there yet, programmatic will inevitably remake the entire advertising industry. Forward-thinking media companies would be wise to start prioritizing programmatic ad strategies to maximize monetization now.



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